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Shoe Warehouse Sale

The Warehouse Sale is Back and Redefining Retail Shopping More Than Ever

The Warehouse Sale; we're a pop-up shoe store traveling all around Ohio. We have thousands of women's, men's and kid's brand name shoes. We're coming to Cleveland for round 2 (we were here from the end of June to the end of July this past year). I wanted to introduce ourselves and give you a little background of who we are and what to expect this round! Why is Cleveland a good location for your store? Cleveland is a great location for our store because of the people. They’re close-knit and diverse. We rely on word-of-mouth marketing to spread the news that we're here so we really look for that interactive community. The people of Cleveland know a great deal when they see one; they’re savvy shoppers. We’re excited to be a part of such a smart group, even if it’s only for a temporary pop-up store. What is special about The Warehouse Sale? The Warehouse Sale is special because of the value we offer. We have a selection unrivaled by other shoe stores or department stores, with prices well below retail standards. We started as an eCommerce site, with a mission to provide brand name shoes to everyone, no matter their budget. Opening a pop up store has allowed us to cut shipping costs, lowering our prices even more. We deliver you closer to accessible, affordable, brand name fashion in a way that other retailers don’t have the time or budget for. How long will it be open? We will be here for only a few weeks, from December 13th to December 29th. Why only a pop-up as opposed to a permanent store here? Cost saving system - Pop-up stores allow us to lower prices that already dip well below MSRP pricing because we don’t have to pay rent year-round or set up and maintain an elaborate brick-and-mortar store. We have name brand shoes for 40-80% off traditional retail price. More space, more shoes - Due to the huge warehouse spaces we lease that wouldn’t make sense to use for a permanent location, we’re able to get way more inventory and provide a larger selection than an average store. We bring in about 20,000+ pairs of brand name shoes. Traveling deals - Lastly, it’s exciting. Because it’s temporary, it feels more like an event than it does a store. How will The Warehouse Sale impact Cleveland? Being in these larger stores provides a chance to showcase these large retail spaces. It acts as an “open house” of sorts to attract larger businesses to become long-term tenants or show smaller companies similar to us how to set up these larger spaces for a shorter amount of time. It also provides a great opportunity to give back directly to the community that has welcomed us so warmly. For each pop-up we partner with Dress For Success and The Humane Society. We believe there’s always a way we can do more. For our Grand Opening, we're offering everyone on our VIP a coupon for Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off on all adult shoes.


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