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Real Estate Agent Spotlight: Pat Pellerite

Pat Pellerite


EZ Sales Team Keller Williams Citywide

I love anything and everything having to do with real estate. As an investor in real estate myself, I know that EVERYONE has many questions throughout the entire buying and selling processes. I am so grateful to be the person that gets to diligently guide clients through these steps to achieve the results they want. There is no greater feeling than finding a client the dream house they’ve been looking for, or selling a client’s home for more than they ever thought possible.

As the youngest of 11 children, yes 11, I enjoy meeting and engaging with all different types of people. Luckily, I had a head start in life by dealing with so many different personalities within just my family. I have 10 siblings and no two have the same personality. This has been a huge advantage for me in real estate, because every client is different and every client is unique. I don’t have a cookie cutter approach when it comes to buying and selling homes, because that approach simply doesn’t exist. I do what is necessary and right for every client and look out for their best interests.

What sets me apart from other realtors is my attention to detail and responsiveness. Nobody likes to wait for a response or an answer, so I never make them. I put my clients first and get them the answers they needs as soon as I possibly can. In a business where a few minutes can make all the difference, I am that difference. Being a member of THE #1 SALES TEAM IN OHIO, we have the industry’s best administrative staff! They do so much for us in the background, which also allows me to solely focus on my client’s needs first.

On a personal note, I love Cleveland and everything about it (minus the snow) and have lived here my entire life. It has so much to offer and being a huge sports fan, there is no sports fanbase more dedicated than those in Cleveland! Go Browns!

I think the title is good.

1224 W. 74th St., #B1224

Cleveland, Ohio

7442 Herman Ave.

Cleveland, Ohio

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Contact: 440-728-0943


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