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Front State Multiplex

The Formal Severance Circle Regal Cinemas has Reopened as The Front Stage Multiplex Have you been inside the The Front stage Multiplex? Front Stage Multiplex is a "Launchpad " for startups in the entertainment industry (ie) movie producers, actors,actresses, photographers, podcasters, videographers, music recording artists, model's Playwrights , comedians etc. Front Stage Multiplex also host a variety of dynamic events at The Front stage multiplex established as a platform for artists to express not only verbally but visually while networking in an environment full of creatives. The Front stage will be known for hosting a diverse range of community events. Our goal is to empower the “starving artist” as we provide a supportive atmosphere for growth and development. Offering weekly events opens the floor to performers of all varieties including but not limited to Poets, Rappers, Comedians, Vocalists, Dancers, Actors, Film Makers and Visual Artists.


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