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Come To The Cleveland Atlantis Rising Party This Saturday 8/20!

This saturday there is en exlusively themed event named Atlantis. Extremely Social is the event company organizing the event and if it is anything like their past events it will be epic. Extremely Social has done roof top events of a Mad Hatter Magic themed event, Eyes Wide Shut event at a Mansion, Halloween and Christmas themed events.

The event will be in downtown Party is this Saturday August 20th only at BLDG 17 CLE This is an exlusive special event themed party and will have a unique theme that only Extremely Social brings.

Guests will be greeted by the Palace guards, then brought to the surface, where you will emerge amongst the heart of the magnificent resurrected Atlantis and an offering of a complimentary first cocktail. Guests will be surrounded by the famous citizens of Atlantis. You can be enchanted by the immersive photo opportunities, stroll into the mermaid grotto or visit with the Oracle of Atlantis and let her tell your fortune. There will be surprises around every corner. Whether you dance the night away or indulge in fun Atlantean treats, this night will only happen once and you won’t want to miss it!

Extrememly Social is a growing event company in Cleveland and this is an opportunity to be part of the exlusive event while tickets last.

Enjoy discovering the realm of Atlantis!

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