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LaunchHouse Expands to Lakewood

LaunchHouse Expands to Lakewood

Highland Heights, OH (March 12, 2018) LaunchHouse, a coworking community in Highland Heights, announced the opening of a second location in Lakewood, Ohio. Michael, DeAloia, the newly named Entrepreneur in Residence in Lakewood, will run the new location in conjunction with Startup Lakewood, which will be located at Front Porch Media Network’s Detroit Avenue office. LaunchHouse is the first local coworking brand to open a second location in the Cleveland area. LaunchHouse Lakewood is expected to open its doors in May 2018. The space includes ten desks for the community to use in a 24/7 office space. The space will allow members to have access to a conference room, printer, fax machines, Internet access, close proximity to local restaurants and bars, and a coworking community to access. “We are excited about the expansion of LaunchHouse. We have been asked to have a location on the West side for some time,” said Todd Goldstein, Cofounder and CEO of LaunchHouse. “Our Lakewood location is just the first step in a larger plan for expansion throughout Cleveland and the Midwest,” added Todd. The new Lakewood location will also feature the unique networking opportunities and speakers that LaunchHouse has provided the northeast Ohio community over the past 10 years. Seasoned entrepreneurs will share their stories and advice via office hours and Lunch and Learns. Experts in various fields will also hold classes where they will deliver practical advice to those looking to start a business or improve the one they already have. This move also represents a major step forward for the LaunchHouse community. A year and a half ago, the community had to move abruptly from Shaker Heights. But, according to Todd, it was for the best, “Many were betting on our failure, yet we are flourishing in Highland Heights. The opening of our second location in Lakewood proves the strength of our community and the opportunities we provide to entrepreneurs throughout Cleveland.” ### What We Do LaunchHouse is a community where businesses and people come together and grow. But it is more than just a place to work, it is a place for people to engage with and learn from one another while developing their businesses. We are entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, solopreneurs, designers, consultants, and anyone who doesn’t fit into a neat corporate box. You won’t find us working typical 9 – 5 jobs here. How We Do It We offer flexible membership options and a blend of private offices and open office space. If you’re looking for an inspiring and supportive community and a comfortable environment, you’re sure to find a home at LaunchHouse. Why We Do It You’ll find our members, not just working to build their dream, but helping each other to build theirs. There’s an African proverb, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Go far with us.

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