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Discover My Cleveland

Discover My Cleveland is the premier destination marketing company in the city. We are now available to help with every aspect of travels to the Greater Cleveland area! We know how hard it is to assure groups a quality experience at hotels, restaurants, and attractions when they are unfamiliar with them. Discover My Cleveland has the expertise to help as much or as little as need, to showcase Cleveland as the fabulous historically rich, food-tastic, artful, sporty, culturally vibrant city that it is with amazing lake views by land or water. And as it is My Cleveland those parameters extend much beyond the city borders. Pair a City to Country tour for the best of both worlds, add the wineries, check out the Cleveland Casinos, ride the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad the possibilities are endless! Just a few options we can help with: Plan your entire itinerary Provide a Step-on guide for city tours Meet & Greet your group at the airport Execute any details to assist with your visit from transportation, to event tickets In addition we also have begun the monthly showcasing tours of the Greater Cleveland area. We love Cleveland and want to share that with everyone, everywhere.

Click here to go to our website to get a better idea of who and what we are!

Discover My Cleveland - Destination Management Company

Cleveland is alive with new destinations and old town charm. Leave it to us to show you the best of both.

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