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Dustin Kushious Photgraphy

My name is Dustin Kushious. I own and run Dustin Kushious Photography, which is a freelance photography business in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. I am an 18 year old photographer that just graduated from Chagrin Falls High School. I also graduated and received a certificate from my two year Excel Tecc program, Digital Arts and Technology. In this program I focused on digital photography and cinematography. Next year I will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology with a major in Photojournalism and Commercial Photography. During this year, I am taking a gap year to focus on my business, Kushious Photography. I take portraits for seniors and families, and I do video work for people. I started Kushious Photography in the summer before my Junior year in high school. At first, it was just an Instagram account, but over time now, I have shot many events and been hired to take numerous portraits. And now that I am not in school, I have more jobs than ever. Also, my associate and I, Charlie Ellis (Chagrin Falls Senior), are working with a few different companies making videos for their marketing departments.

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