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Pop Up Book


I am a Cleveland local, I LOVE this city and I have a tip for you that I think you may be interested in. For the past two years I have been working on this unique complex Pop-Up book all at 5am. I'm a busy Dad of two young children plus a professional illustrator / paper-engineer, and 5:00 am is the only free time to dedicate to these passion projects. It is always a battle to get my kids to clean up anything! This inspired me to create this hilarious story about two children who embark on a wild misadventure after their messy room gets WAY out of control. I wanted to take this mundane chore and turn it into something fun, something that would encourage kids to clean-up in an exciting way. This is my second self-published complex pop-up book and it just launched on with a great start! KickStarter just chose it to be a 'project we love.'

Here is a link with a video interview and explanation:

Here are some media links:

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