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Polis Woodworking

Polis Woodworking is a community-minded shop that provides workshop opportunities for kids and teens to explore the art of woodworking. By creating age-appropriate, Grassroots and Empowerment Initiatives, we aim to develop and harness the imagination, skill and possibility of kids and teens through workshop opportunities. We believe that if we offer the space for kids and teens to learn and develop necessary skills, they will be empowered to harness their imagination, creating new and inspiring possibilities.

Our Polis online store offers many unique products for your perusing. Our students make many of our items, while others are made by some of our mentors. Additionally, Polis does custom work, like a more traditional woodworking shop. When possible, commissioned products are created in collaboration with our students, providing them with ongoing experience in the field of woodworking. Whether you purchase a product made by a student or mentor, or whether you commission a custom piece, all proceeds go toward offering kids and teens more workshop opportunities. Shopping or ordering your next item doesn’t get more socially conscious than this.

If you are interested in our programming, purchasing a product, commissioning an item, or donating to our cause, please drop us a line. Check us out at Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Instagram @PolisWoodworking

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