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Essense of Distinct Royalty


Majorette and Hip Hop Dance Coming To Cleveland Ohio

E.D.R is founded by dancer Daza’shaney Hurst. She has also founded and was the lead choreographer of 5th Dimension Dance Crew on Eastern Michigan Universities’ campus. She hopes to create this dance team for her hometown Cleveland, Ohio, starting as a summer program for Middle school to High School students. She hopes to expand to a little league someday.

E.D.R is more than a dance team. It’s a program to enhance better life skills and to get our Cleveland kids off the dangerous streets. We will be creating mentors and helping them through stages of life. Preparing their mindsets to go on and achieve any goals they have set for themselves. We hope to give them the best support system possible. We want to build a positive thing in Cleveland for our youth and help this generation grow to be better , smarter, and become the best selves they can possibly be. The dance is just a great activity to keep them active, give them a freedom of expression, create leadership skills, learn what true team work is, and to surround themselves with other great kids.

E.D.R will have a majorette team and a hip hop based team but will be diverse in its dance style. We hope to make it the best team in Ohio. It is a team for young men and women. They will be represented by the colors of white, gold, and teal. This is not a discriminatory team against any sex or race.

Join the movement and be a part of Essence of Distinct Royalty! Help build an empire of young royals.

Follow us on Facebook @EDRBE216 or Email us for more information at

About Black Excellence (B.E.)

BE for Black Excellence is an up and coming program designed to uplift, inspire, and develop youth of color to reach their full potential. BE focuses on talent exploration through the arts (music, mixed media, dance, photography, etc) as well as professional development. Our core values are Creative Expression, Professional Skills and Unity.


Our mission is to offer support and resources to black youth to aid in their personal success. We aim to build up the individual, who will in turn aid in the up rise of the community.

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