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City Dogs Cleveland

Everyone here in Cleveland and surrounding areas should come check out our wonderful City Dogs CLE. I am one of many volunteers at Cleveland Animal Care and Control. I spend countless hours networking these pups all over social media. My goal is to get these pups adopted. I have always loved animals, especially dogs. I have two of my own Zippy and Tazzy. I guess by networking these pups and occasionally going to the kennel and walking the dogs is my way of giving back. I was networking dogs about five years ago all over the U.S. before I knew about our local dogs. There's no place better than right here in our own city. I still work on others, if I have time. We need to be their voice or where would they be?. Check out these pups: If you see a dog you like, please e-mail to set up a meet. You could also come out to the kennel at 2690 West 7th St. CLE, Oh. 44113. Mon-Sat. 10-3pm. Sun. 12-2pm. Hurry these pups are counting on You!

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