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BYOB- Be Your Own Boss


BYOB: Be Your Own Boss is an instructional workshop offered by Marketing & Management company Elmnt13 that is designed to assist budding and current entrepreneurs in implementing ideas, developing a business, and elevating their brand. The daylong workshop will take place on July 9, 2016 at Spaces & Co in downtown Cleveland. The workshop is comprised of 2 segments and 4 sessions total, with each session lasting about 1.5 hours from start to finish featuring the following instructors, Elmnt13 and Spaces & CO Founder/CEO, Ashley Taylor; CFO of The Word Church, LaRese Purnell; Principal of the Seward Law Firm, Sherrod D. Seward, Esq.; CEO of The Boyd Group, Donovan Boyd, and CEO of KPI Rise, Darius Burgan.

Attendees have the opportunity to register for both segments or just one.

Segment One • Session 1) The Foundation: Learn what's needed to establish the foundation of a successful business.

• Session 2) Is Your Company Legit? Learn the legal logistics that govern the foundation of a successful business

Segment Two • Session 1) Developing A Brand: We'll examine your current brand condition and assist you in developing a strong brand foundation.

• Session 2) Generating Buzz: We'll examine your current marketing strategies and assist you in creating a successful marketing campaign.

In addition to the sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to schedule to speak one-on-one with BYOB experts regarding starting a business and/or further building their brand in a current business or get assistance on filing a business the same day.

BYOB is one of the few workshops in Ohio where an aspiring and/or current entrepreneur can learn how to create a business and be their own boss in 1 day! For further information and to register visit

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