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Ohio City West 25th and Detroit Intersection Mixed Use Development Starts

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Near Ohio City in the intersection of West 25th and Detroit Avenue a new mixed use development is underway. It will have top notch facilities as well as stimulate more growth in the area to branch down Detroit Avenue as two other apartment complexes just got built as one of them is just getting finished named Edge 32 and the other next to Edge 32 already occupied named Mariner’s Watch. Also a loft production project named The 25 Lofts off of West 25th Avenue is just being finished and tenants coming soon right around the corner a few hundred yards away

According to a article written by Michelle Jarobe:

“With partners Browns Gibbons Lang & Co. and the Orlean Co., Snavely plans to construct a 194-unit apartment building at the northwest corner of the intersection, on a site that’s mostly a parking lot today.

Studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments there will range from 500 to 1,100 square feet. Residents will have access to a rooftop deck with a swimming pool on the Lake Erie side of the building, a fire pit, grilling stations, a lounge, a dog-grooming station and indoor parking.

The Music Settlement, an East Side nonprofit focused on early-childhood education, music education and music therapy, has committed to opening a school on the first floor of the apartment building. The Grocery, a local grocery store expanding to its second location, and other commercial tenants will round out the new construction portion of the project, which is scheduled to open in spring 2018”

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Along with all of the production near Ohio City and the catalyst that this project will have right by the intersection with the downtown skyline to see in the background and Ohio City an place that continues to develop the neighborhood will be a lively place to be. There are certain aspects in Ohio City that need some cleaning up but with time the people will have a beautiful neighborhood with neighbors who keep coming.

The keys that would make all of these apartments and living spaces and mixed use projects more successful would be unified street landscaping with lit up streets at night and parks to sit and keeping the streets clean and swept. This things are very simple aspects that can be implemented by The City Planning Commission.

Along with these projects there absolutely needs to be planning of landscaping and sidewalk fixing for a clean environment to walk and enjoy a walkable community and city.

A few keys to take from all of the new living and mixed use development near downtown Cleveland.

  • Streets need to be more lit at night

  • Unified landscaping meaning paved sidewalks and clean

  • Parks and greenspace utilization in unused areas

  • Security 24/7

  • Creating Parking

These obviously are some very simple and general points that if met can really create more business development, tax dollars for neighborhoods and a safe and clean place to live. The cost is low for keeping streets clean and having a unified landscape to keep it organized and structured. If there is sense of order, there are easier ways to build business on clean landscapes.

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