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New University Hospitals and Businesses Start Construction By East 55th

Cleveland once again has more to connect the links of its growth points. Right now East 55th has a few production projects getting started, one being the new University Hospitals Rainbow Center for Women and Children campus as well as the new business park of Link 59 being built near the huge landscape, which will be filled with life and stimulate more business growth in that area and the entire Health Tech Corridor. With the brand new top notch hospital brand in University Hospitals being built along with next to it Link 59, which is a mixed use business park grounds with tenants to bring business to the area this development will make a large impact to Cleveland's Mid Town Growth.

Along with all of the production of these few projects by East 55th it will bring more businesses such as restaurants and food life to the area. Also the much heralded 100 gig internet being place in the Health Tech corridor will have businesses streaming and running into the new Link 59 business leasing park as well as more development in the Health Tech Corridor area. Right on one side of the East 55th area development is Cleveland State University and downtown and the other side Case Western University and the beautiful University Circle. With this development linking those two areas it will be a beautiful thing to see how this will be a catalyst for more business growth through out the Cleveland Mid Town area as well. More tech companies will be intrigued to move in and more business will also move to places such as the Victory Center, which is another business park type of facility right in front of the brand new Dealer Tire by 73rd Street. As said, this will be a catalyst for more production in the Health Tech Corridor and with proper utilization of the markets from downtown Cleveland and neighboring Cleveland State University it could also create jobs for the city and opportunities for businesses looking to have a chance at places to work and develop. The formula is simple. To have a better chance at economic growth and job creation there needs to be buildings and locations for these businesses to be located. So more production of places to stay and grow, more economic growth.

Author: Brent Reed (Founder and CEO of and




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