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Mid Town Cleveland Meeting about Future Development Plans May

Monday, May 15, 2017 Mid Town Development Inc. had a meeting regarding the future plans for the Health Tech Corridor. They also had information regarding new events such as Chomp, a food event featuring restaurants and food vendors, as well as a new venue to hold events. Around 55th street production will include Link 59 (a business park), University Hospitals and a multi-building, 180,000 square foot campus for retail, food, office, medical, technology.

Above is a layout of the possible finished layout of Link59 and the 55th Street area

Above is a picture of a Link 59 proposed building

Also 100 gigabit internet (here is a link for info on the 100gigabit system) spread throughout the entire corridor for tech business development as well as large businesses such as Dealer Tire placing their business near 73rd street to create jobs and a cleaner infrastructure of the buildings and streets. Mid Town has a large area of growing development and with the recent investments in the Health Tech Corridor and the Mid Town Restaurant Scene growing it will connect downtown Cleveland and the Cleveland Clinic area with a thriving link.

Author: Brent Reed (Founder and CEO of and




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