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Welcome to Cleveland Uprising. This is an all-in-one source for Cleveland designed to Connect, Unite and Build Cleveland. The goals are to bring Cleveland together by creating a platform for the public’s voice to be heard.

There is a “Submit” section for the public to submit anything they feel needs to get out there. This includes submissions for the public of what ever they feel needs to get out to Cleveland. This could include ideas for the city, articles, Business Feature Articles, and we are working on creating events in Cleveland to continue to build the city and any other ideas about what Cleveland needs to do or anything else that somebody feels the need to be known

By simply raising awareness about topics that need to be addressed in Cleveland with the public’s help of those who are the people who love Cleveland, the city can continue to “Connect, Unite and Build”. Cleveland Uprising gives the public a voice. Cleveland Uprising is a Public Platform to have a voice to be heard. If you feel you have something to say just submit it to the “Submit” section. Your story can be featured in an article on our website and growing Social Media feeds. Just update us on the news in Cleveland and let’s unite and help Cleveland Uprise!


Cleveland Uprising is a Media organization based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland Uprising focuses on helping Cleveland grow by promoting Cleveland and bringing companies to light through promotion. The focus in on cross promotion of organizations and growing Cleveland by promotion and affiliation of organizations and communities. The goal would be to use this organization to continue to stimulate Cleveland’s economy.

Cleveland Uprising is a registered trade mark and has a partner 501C3 Tax deductible organization called “Give To Cleveland”. This means all donations are tax deductible. Cleveland Uprising is looking for partners to help market them and help them get tax deductions. Contact for interests. Thank you!

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I have worked with Cleveland Uprising on several small marketing projects. Cleveland Uprising is extremely supportive of small businesses, and honest, and fair. If you are looking for advertising for your small business, please give them a call.


DK Jones- Soza Fitness

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